3R Energia s.r.l.

Renewable and alternative energy producer

ELECTRIC MOBILITY AND STORAGE, bicycles, electric motor scooter and cars

To respond to the needs of an increasingly attentive consumer, but above all to protect the environment, the 3R Energia s.r.l. company offers the possibility to buy pedal assisted bicycles, electric scooters and cars.

3R Energia s.r.l.

Renewable and alternative energy producer

3R Energia s.r.l. operates as "Energy Service Company" (ESCO), is performing toward third parties (private or public) technical advice, administrative, planning, optimization of energy management services and overall consumption of energy.

The company, directly and / or through its partecipation, carries out the following activities:

- design, construction, maintenance, management and restructuring of installations for production of electrical energy derived from any source;

- production and trading of electricity mainly from renewable sources;

- design, implementation and management of "energy services" and "global service" for public , private and industrial entities;

- design, construction, management and maintenance of district heating plants;

- design, construction, management, marketing of machinery for exploitation of renewable energy sources (wind turbines, hydraulic turbines, cogenerators etc.) and instrumental means (anemometers, software, etc.)


We are present and operational in these countries:

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3R Energia s.r.l.

Registered office: Breno (BS), Aldo Moro Str., 28

Operating office: Costa Volpino (BG) Via Cesare Battisti 66/b, Italy