Why choose 3R Energia s.r.l.?

Producer of natural energy

Because who chooses 3R Energia s.r.l. becomes partner of a system of production, distribution and use of ecological energy that favors the improvement of the environment that will host future generations.

Because 3R Energia s.r.l. is a family holding company and as such preserves the values that allow it to manage the company with the aim of continuously improving the quality and reliability of the services it renders to third parties that are considered an integral part of the company itself.

Because entrusting us with 3R Energia s.r.l. is the size, type and conditions desired for the desired service. The 3R Energia s.r.l. customer finds real economic benefits deriving from a simple management of an ancient family culture.
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Your energy must be better!

- Safe

- Clean

- Economic

This is to give the certainty to the children of today to have a good future tomorrow, where to produce goods, goods and technologies necessary for man is easy and cheap in an environment that favors a healthy and long life.

We are present and operational in these countries:

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3R Energia s.r.l.

Registered office: 25043 Breno (BS) – Via Aldo Moro, 28, Italia

Administrative/operating office: 24062 Costa Volpino (BG) – Via Cesare Battisti, 66/b, Italia

Technical/Sales office: 20085 Locate di Triulzi (MI) – Via Milano,5, Italia