3R Energia s.r.l.

Renewable and alternative energy producer

ELECTRIC MOBILITY AND STORAGE, bicycles, electric motor scooter and cars

Thanks to H2 Energy S.R.L. we provide system solutions for the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in energy storage.

Hydrogen energy storage is a process in which surplus energy provided by renewables is used to power electrolysis during periods of low energy demand. H2E pressurized water electrolyzers are designed for the efficient generation of pressurized hydrogen and oxygen, without the aid of mechanical compressions, therefore with maximum energy efficiency.

3R Energia s.r.l.

Renewable and alternative energy producer

3R Energia s.r.l. operates as "Energy Service Company" (ESCO), is performing toward third parties (private or public) technical advice, administrative, planning, optimization of energy management services and overall consumption of energy.

The company, directly and / or through its partecipation, carries out the following activities:

- design, construction, maintenance, management and renovation of plants for the production of electricity from any source;;

- production and sale of energy deriving mainly from renewable sources;

- design, implementation and management of "energy services" and "global service" for public, private and industrial users;

- design, construction, management and maintenance of district heating systems;

- design, construction, management of machinery for the exploitation of energy sources and instrumental means


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3R Energia s.r.l.

Registered office: 25043 Breno (BS) – Via Aldo Moro, 28, Italia

Administrative/operating office:24062 Costa Volpino (BG) – Via Cesare Battisti, 66/b, Italia

Technical/Sales office:20085 Locate di Triulzi (MI) – Via Milano,5, Italia